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First Milestones

We have just finished the registration process, and can finally catch our breath to take some time to consider the families we met, their needs, and how our school reflects those desires. As we take this time to celebrate the end of a busy period, I remind myself of the myriad of emotions that come from choosing a preschool and why that exists.

Firsts are a big deal! The first loose tooth that falls out is grand to a child. The first house that is purchased, the first haircut, the first love, the first birthday; they are all so special and memorable. But choosing the first school is an experience like no other. Trying to make a big decision for your child is one that is fraught with anticipation, possibility, excitement, challenge, determination, and yes, even a little fear.

During our tours, we answered lots of questions, introduced teachers, talked about our building, programs, and philosophy, but most of all tried to convey that first decisions are often based on a “gut” feeling.

As we walked the building with our guests, we hoped they saw what we see on a daily basis: children engaged with friends, unique artwork on the walls, teachers smiling at students, sunlight pouring into the building, children learning in small groups. But more importantly, we know that a teacher’s calming voice, pat on the back, warm hugs and encouraging words provide what every parent needs for that “gut” feeling. Your child will be valued and loved during their time at LANK. There couldn’t be a better first!

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