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At-Home Learning

Whether school is closed due to weather, holidays or safety, we know the learning doesn't stop. Please find some ideas below to inspire your child's natural curiosity and love for learning while LANK is not in session. 

Writing: While each of our students are at different levels when it comes to holding a writing instrument and forming letters and words, all students can express themselves through artistic mediums. Encourage your child to draw a picture and you can write the words for them. Mail it to a loved one as a special surprise! 

Sorting & Counting: Young children love to be helpers. Ask your child to sort an assortment of items for you such as buttons or other household items. Children love to create different ways to sort items (size, color, shape) and it is great for both cognition as well as fine motor skills. 

Scavenger Hunt: Is there anything better than going on a scavenger hunt? Create a list of items from inside or outside the house and draw little pictures for them to check off. Children can spend hours hunting for these special items. 

Build a Fort: Young children love to find small places to snuggle up and play. Give your children a designated area and some sheets and blankets and let them build away! They can bring the stuffed animals into the fort and maybe even a flashlight! 

Paper Plate Skating: Carefully put both feet on paper plates and 'skate' on a carpeted floor. Fun way to get out some energy and build gross motor skills! (Thanks to Mrs. Barbaro for this fun idea!)

Online Resources:

Below you will find some online resources for children's songs and games.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and more: (Thanks to Mrs. Bownson for sharing this resource!)

Dr. Jean - Music for Young Children (

Hop 2 It Music | Jack Hartmann | Educational Childrens Music

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

GoNoodle | Home


We hope you enjoy these resources and will continue to add more ideas to the list! 

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