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EXPLOREandMORE: Extended Day Programs

EXPLOREandMORE provides LANK children the opportunity to play and learn for an extended period of time after their regular LANK school day. EXPLOREandMORE includes lunch and opportunities to play, create, build, sing, dance, and learn in an open-ended, nurturing environment.
Extended Day (11:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.)
Explore and More is ideal for parents and children needing a longer school day, and is open to  students enrolled in 3, 4, or 5-day morning preschool programs. Children will attend their regular preschool morning session, (until 11:30am) stay for lunch, rest (required by state licensing) and “explore”!  Dismissal is 3:45pm.  Our junior preschool students may participate the following year.  This will be something for our juniors to look forward to! 
Please note:
  • Potty training is required
  • The chosen day(s) must be consistent
The EXPLOREandMORE program encompasses multi age groupings and allows children to
enjoy a monthly theme under the guidance of their teachers. Some of our monthly themes include: Fit and Fun; old fashioned playground games, It’s Prehistoric; using bones and fossils to find out about creatures and plants from long ago, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane; discovering flying things such as kites, hot air balloons, helicopters, etc…Flower Power which will include a dramatic play flower shop and the art of arranging flowers!
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