EXPLOREandMORE: Extended Day Programs

EXPLOREandMORE provides LANK children the opportunity to play and learn for an extended period of time after their regular LANK school day. EXPLOREandMORE includes lunch and opportunities to play, create, build, sing, dance, and learn in an open-ended, nurturing environment.
Morning (8:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.)
Children will be students enrolled in 3, 4, or 5-day morning preschool programs. Children will attend their morning session, stay for lunch, rest (required by state licensing) and “explore”! Dismissal is 3:45pm.
Afternoon (11:35 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Children will be students enrolled in 3, 4, or 5-day afternoon preschool programs. Children will arrive at 11:35am for lunch, attend their afternoon session, and “explore” until 4:30pm.
Please note:
  • Potty training is required
  • The chosen day(s) must be consistent
Take a look at some of our possibilities for exciting monthly explorations!
September Exploration: Fit and Fun!
We will start of the year with a blast of good old-fashioned playground fun. Red Light, Green Light, Mother May I, Steal the Bacon, and In and Out the Window will be just a few of the games our children play to have fun while staying fit!
October Exploration: Oh, Baby!
Children love learning about and caring for babies. This exploration will include a look at animal babies, and the special care given by their parents. We’ll be dramatizing, camouflaging and caring for some special stuffed friends!
November Exploration: Art Explosion!
We will enjoy clay, paint, wire sculpture, chalk, and collage design. We’ll also view the work of famous artists who use those mediums as well.
December Exploration: Over the River and Through the Woods!
Our LANK builders will plan designs fortowers, tunnels, bridges, and moats!
January Exploration: It’s Prehistoric!
Using bones and fossils to find out about creatures and plants that lived long ago, or left their mark for us to spot!
February Exploration: You’ve Got Heart!
Exploration to include learning all about the human body. Children will wear their insides outside, as they discover what lies beneath their skin and bones!
March Exploration: It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane!
Exploration to include all things that fly; kites, birds,planes, hot air balloons, helicopters, and space ships!
April Exploration: Somewhere Over the Rainbow!
This will include making colors and hues in various shades. We’ll also explore light and shadows.
May Exploration: Flower Power!
We can’t wait to take the time to smell the roses! Lots of fun as we set up a dramatic play flowershop, grow spring annuals, and explore seeds. Children will try their hand at floral design!

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