LANK Summer Camps

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer of play, and exploration!  We typically have 3 exciting summer camp themes each year. Our summer camps last between 1-2 weeks.  Our 2019 summer camps included Incredible Edibles, Play & Clay Studio and Construction Zone III. Check back here around spring time for more information about our 2020 summer camps. 

Incredible Edibles

This one week camp integrates great literature with cooking and kitchen creations. As an example, Swimmy by Leo Leonni will provide

inspiration for a graham cracker snack to accompany the book. Another camp day will focus on farm life. That day's adventures begin with Mrs. Wishy Washy and will conclude with churning butter and making marshmallow sheep. A highlight of the camp will be creating a community cookbook and decorating child-sized aprons. 

Play & Clay


Children love to play with clay! This one week camp will give them lots of opportunity to explore the properties of clay while also learning some basic hand building pottery techniques. The week begins with a nature walk to find items to use for fossil creations and then progresses to pinch pots, coil snakes, and initial necklaces. The camp also features a special museum with real clay pieces to inspire our budding potters. 

Construction Zone III

Let's Build! For children who love to work with their hands, this one week camp is always a hit! Campers will have exposure to using real tools, making blueprints, wearing goggles, and building, building, building! Legos, blocks, boxes, magna-tiles, magnets, tow trucks, bulldozers and wrecking balls will delight, as children have their first introduction to engineering, architecture, and construction. 


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