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Join The Annual Giving Campaign!

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LANK is a 100% not-for-profit preschool, which was written into the original charter of Reston. We are not associated with a central franchise, a church, or any larger institutions that could financially support a gap in our budget or any growing systemic, academic, or unexpected needs we may face (such as having to waterproof the basement after a flood in 2013). Fundraising is a critical element in maintaining the premiere preschool education that is offered at LANK. In recent years, the Annual Fund has enabled LANK to provide opportunities for teacher development, new equipment such as the school’s piano and playground pieces, books, special programs like one-man band Peter McCory and Goodlife Puppet Theater’s Recycling Pirates puppet show, and so much more. One hundred percent of every dollar donated to LANK is reinvested directly in the school. 

Why not just raise tuition? We work hard to keep tuition consistent year after year. Tuition helps LANK go, but the Annual Fund helps LANK grow! Tuition mostly covers the basic operating budget for existing costs. The Annual Fund helps us keep tuition as low as we can, which reduces barriers for everyone in the local community to be a part of LANK’s community. The Annual Fund also provides LANK with the flexibility to shift our financial goals, while giving families predictability to plan their personal budgets by keeping tuition static. LANK’s fundraising community relies on all our current families for support! 


We are in this together! Alumni and community partners also donate to our annual fund. We work hard to extend participation throughout the Reston community. We believe in the importance of our school and are actively engaged in sharing our enthusiasm with local businesses, alumni who remember their years at LANK fondly, and other community partners. 

As we launch this year’s campaign, please know that this is one of our primary fundraising endeavors, and your participation at any level is deeply appreciated. We will continue to recognize families who have donated on the Class Flower Signage, and will give special thanks to members of LANK Friends, LANK Cub Club, LANK Bear Hug Society, and the LANK Patron Society at the 2019 Spring Social and our year-end report to donors. 

Our TARGET this year is $10,000, and our GOAL is 100% participation. We believe if we can meet our goal, our target will easily fall into place. You may donate using the form below and send via snail mail, backpack mail, drop in the front office. Or you may make a donation using the PayPal "Donate" button below (or at the top of the page). 

At LANK, we learn "Nature-ally.” We invite you to help us grow our garden of learning by making a tax deductible donation to the Annual Giving Campaign. 


Help our children blossom with your donation! 

There are two ways to make a contribution to the Annual Giving Campaign:


  1. Complete the donation form and return it the front office with your donation

  2. Make a secure online donation via PayPal.


Thank you for your generous contribution! 

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Have questions about giving? Please email: Fundraising Chair, LANK PTO
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