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"We were initially drawn to LANK because of their focus on play-based education, but LANK has earned our love and respect because they're that and so much more! They've inspired and fostered our daughter's voracious appetite for learning. She feels connected, valued, free to be herself, and eager to try new things because of the environment they've created -- not just in terms of academics, but also in terms of social support and personal development."

Angeline Van Evera

"What first attracted us to this preschool was the play-based curriculum with an open classroom structure unique to LANK. We quickly learned that not only is their research-based approach to early childhood learning exemplary but the teachers/staff are, simply put, the absolute best. We are on our fourth year as a family attending this school and my children have blossomed under the nurturing care of highly-skilled, attentive, creative, and enthusiastic teachers. The staff is continually developing programs to cater to a variety of student interests and integrating the newest research-based methods to engage young learners. We could not imagine our children having a better early childhood learning experience anywhere else."

- Rebecca Carroll

"My family has been accidentally lucky with LANK. There was never a question of where our children would go when we moved backed to the Reston area. Mostly because my siblings and I went to LANK and, as far as I knew, it was a Reston institution. From the caring teachers who will help you with tips on potty training (because they’ve seen it all!), to the articles that pop up every day about the benefits of a play based pre-school experience, to the smiles our boys come home with, LANK reinforces our decision every day. Our oldest is wrapping up his last year. We are so excited for his next steps, knowing that the LANK teachers and community have more than prepared him for entering kindergarten both socially and academically. But we’re also thankful to have a few still young enough to keep us in this wonderful community."

- William Bate

"Simply the best! The teachers and staff are completely devoted to providing students with a healthy learning environment. My children have not only learned the fundamentals they also have increased confidence and social skills. Highly recommend LANK to those who are interested in helping their child grow intellectually, socially and emotionally."

- Julie Simmons

"My three children have all been LANK students, and we have been so happy with every experience at this wonderful school. Talented and caring teachers combined with a perfect curriculum have cultivated a love of learning for each one of my kids. What's more, they loved exploring the beautiful natural environment in which LANK is nestled!"

- Charity Moreno-Hines

"We have had three children experience LANK and it is a WONDERFUL school. Joan Wain and her staff do a phenomenal job of providing a nurturing and educational experience for the children there. I can speak firsthand to my oldest child being more than prepared for the rigorous academic curriculum where he's currently enrolled. LANK is a special place that I would recommend to any parent who cares about early childhood education."

- Geoffrey Basye

"LANK is such a gem. What first attracted me to LANK was its natural setting and unique open architecture. When I had my first tour I immediately knew that this would be a place both my children would love to attend. The directors and every single teacher are so positive and loving. Every day my son surprises me with something he's learned at school like basic math concepts, new nursery rhymes and original artwork he's made himself. He's made so many friends and looks forward to going to school everyday. My son adores his teacher (and all the teacher's at the school know his name) and to watch him run (not walk) into his teachers arms is a testament to the care and love that is shown to him. There is no better feeling than leaving your child with people you wholeheartedly trust. I continue to be impressed by this amazing community of teachers, staff, students and parents that make LANK a pillar in our community for early learning."

- Kat Azima

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