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New To You Sale

This is your chance to clean out your basement, garage, closets & playrooms!


We call upon our generous LANK families, their friends and neighbors, to donate their used children's clothing, baby equipment, children's furniture, toys, books and more. Think about how good you will feel helping LANK and making space in your house at the same time! All proceeds support our wonderful school!


LANK’s highly anticipated annual fundraiser is open to the greater Northern Virginia community.

Many volunteers are needed to help coordinate and manage this amazing event. For more information please contact:

LANK PTO Fundraising Chair
NTY Sale 7
NTY Sale 6
NTY Sale 5
NTY Sale 4
NTY Sale 3
NTY Sale 2
NTY Sale 1

We accept many types of donations:

All types of baby and kids gear, toys, games, books, stain free clothing up to size 10 (especially fall and winter) and gently worn shoes. Large items like strollers, high chairs, swings, exersaucers, bikes, ride-ons, outdoor toys, kitchen sets, and furniture are particularly needed. 


**Please note that we cannot accept cribs, mattresses or car seats**

All donations are tax deductible. Please stop by the office to pick up a receipt or send an e-mail to the committee to request an electronic copy.

Thanks to your generous donations, last year’s New to You Sale was extremely successful. We are looking forward to making next year’s sale even bigger and better!
Thank you!
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