Multicultural Day: November

Planned by our Multicultural Committee, these events share age-appropriate presentations with our students, promoting multicultural awareness and inclusiveness.


Presentations may focus on traditions and holidays around the world, languages, and music. These are parent-led activities and typically occur during the school day. Parents need only to have an interest in and enthusiasm for diversity to participate —plus they are lots of fun!


This is a LANK school event only and not open to the general public. 

Many volunteers are needed to help coordinate and manage these amazing programs. For more information please contact:
Morgan Bate

Community Chair, LANK PTO

"Globally Speaking" - 2015 Global Village 


No matter how you celebrate the holidays, most gatherings center on warmth, food, family and a sense of being "home." The Multicultural Committee presents this year's Global Village.


It's our goal to help our children realize that it doesn't matter where people live or how simply, we share the commonality of love of family and the joy of being with friends who care for us. 


We have always wanted to share this experience with you and this year included a very special evening where families were invited to join us with your child as we celebrated family, peace, and diversity.


Each year different regions are chosen to spotlight and this year we visited Scotland, South Africa , Southeast Asia, and a shelter. The children gave guided tours of these four unique villages and explained to their families what they had learned about these cultures and other people around the world. 



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