LANK Enrichment

Enrichment Programs
Although LANK is extremely focused on its core curriculum, our staff recognizes the importance of enhancing the classroom experience by supplementing it with various Enrichment Programs. This is accomplished  through exposure to Music, Movement as well as various Flagship Units and Special Events.  We love including guest visits from  parents to share their expertise and special guests to school to enhance learning and enjoyment.   In the past, we have all benefitted from author visits, firefighters, police dog Max, musical groups, and others.







One of the most magical sounds you will hear at LANK is that of our sweet children singing songs they have learned in music class. We believe that music helps solidify learning taught in the classroom and we are pleased to incorporate it into our weekly  programs.


Beyond the songs taught in the classrooms, music enrichment at LANK provides core activities for music development where students move to music, sing and chant, listen, and play instruments.


Each supplemental class is designed to suit the needs of children at their individual stage of development with seasonal and thematic units often correlating with classroom activities.  During the 2020-2021 school year we could not provide this opportunity.  We are hopeful to bring this back at some point in 2021-2022. 


Movement is available to all LANK children enrolled in the 3 Day, 4 Day, and 5 Day classes. Meeting once each week, the class emphasizes movement, stretching, and good health practices. The class uses a combination of skill development exercises, fingerplays, and games.  During the movement class, children practice following directions and enjoy cooperative group skills.   This is an enrichment program that LANK children love and look forward to all week long.  We hope this can also be offered again in 2021-2022. 

Flagship Units 

Known as "Flagship Units," our administration choose units that the entire school concentrates on at the same time. In the past, "LANK Learned Nature-ally " by  bringing the great outdoors inside and  inside classroom activities outdoors!  We have spent a week or two "Under the Sea," explored the "Jungles and Rainforests," or examined the world around us in "Our Own Backyard."  The entire school gets involved by making their particular classroom areas reflect these themes; our classrooms underwent a prehistoric transformation during our "Age of the Dinosaurs unit!  Flagship Units culminate with "infotainment" brought to the school. These include experts or resources in the Northern Virginia area that support and extend the learning that has already taken place. Fun, exciting, and enriching—our flagship units expose our little learners to a lifetime of discovery!

Special Events

Special events at LANK have become traditions that everyone looks forward to! Designed to enhance our core curriculum, LANK is always very proud to present to our students groups such as Reptiles Alive!, Dino-Rock, Goodlife Puppet Theater, Bob Brown Puppets, the Fairfax County Fire Department, and many others. Our staff also encourages special guests to visit their classrooms.


Many of the guests are LANK parents who volunteer their time to help supplement teachers’ weekly activities. For example, many parents come to LANK to talk about their cultural heritage during various holidays such as the Persian New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Cinco de Mayo.  LANK also has parents come in to share their own talents.  Parents have engaged the students about their professions as  veterinarians, dentists, physicians, architects, artists…. and the list goes on!  More recently, we have enjoyed opera singing, painting, and even a clarinet performance by our talented parents!


Special events at LANK create excitement and provide wonderful experiences for every child. They help them see the larger world around them and make connections from the classroom to their daily lives. It is so exciting for us to witness the amazement and inquisitiveness of the children as they listen and ask questions during these unique interactions.