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​Volunteering at LANK


We are very appreciative of our parent volunteers as they enhance all aspects of school life! We partner with our LANK families to build a bridge between school and home. The sense of community at LANK is very strong and notably distinguishes us from other schools. LANK offers a variety of ways for parents to engage within our preschool community. Our hope is that every family will choose to participate in some way, thus fostering and strengthening that special bond between home and LANK. Interested in learning more about ways to get involved with LANK's Board or PTO? Contact us today!

​Volunteering Opportunities

Board of Trustees

The 8-member LANK Board of Trustees is comprised of 6 parent volunteers and the Executive and Administrative Directors. The Board oversees the business of the school, focusing on fiduciary duties, such as oversight of finances, policies, and business practices to ensure consistency with our non-profit educational purpose.  

Parent Teacher Organization

The PTO is managed by 5 parent volunteers and 2 Staff Members, who work under the direction of LANK’s Executive and Administrative Directors. The PTO leadership team is responsible for organizing many of the fun school events, community engagements and fundraising opportunities that you will experience throughout the year.  

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