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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at my house is very celebratory. We are expecting twenty today and I can’t wait! My Pilgrim and Native American figurines are on display, and our dining room server looks very festive with decorative pinecone and straw turkeys. Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday. It is a holiday that all of us can enjoy since it is not religiously based, but instead a celebration of religious freedom. It is also a time to reflect on the goodness, and bounty that fills our lives. At LANK, the celebration involves discussion about traditional holiday foods, Native American culture, and a glimpse into the history of how people used to live their lives. But, most significantly our cla

November Parent Teacher Conferences

It’s that time of year; not just for Thanksgiving turkeys and fall leaves but also the all-important parent-teacher conference. This week all of our LANK teachers—from those teaching our adorable two year olds to those teaching the “big” kindergarten children will all be sitting down to talk with families about their precious children. At the preschool level a November conference is less about assessment, and more about what teachers have noticed about your child’s preferences for play, learning style, and temperament at school. Although we have only been at school for a few short months our classroom teachers want to convey how well they know your child, and some of the goals and objectives

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