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4 Reasons Why LANK Is The Perfect Space For The Needs of Young Children

During the month of January, Patty and I gave many tours to prospective LANK families. There were many issues that parents expressed interest in and varied discussions. These topics ranged from educational philosophy to ”nuts and bolts” type of information about car pools, health forms and illness policies. But, one topic that came up time and again was that of our beautiful space both indoors and outside. The physical environment at LANK is one that remains perfect for the needs of young children because it combines purposeful design elements that make play and learning seamless. Our LANK school website chronicles the history of our current building and touts the prestigious AIA Award for A

Let's Meet! LANK 2017 Spring Social

We are looking forward to seeing many of you this Saturday, March 25th at 7pm for the LANK Spring Social! Come enjoy the beautiful lakeside

Preschool Children as Mother Hens

Many of you have probably been told by your children that LANK is enjoying housing and observing two little adorable fluffy chicks. We ordered the chicks and eggs from a farm in Maryland to help support our flagship unit on Oviparous animals beginning on March 20th. It has been a delightful week at LANK because the children have been having excited conversations about the chicks, and are enthralled watching their antics. There has been a spirit of collaboration as both teachers and students congregated to name our new friends; the yellow chick is aptly named, “Salt” and the grey chick has been dubbed ”Pepper”. As I have watched this process unfold, it has really reinforced for me the imp

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