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2024-2025 Registration Process

Current Enrolled Students and Siblings
Monday, February 12th - Applications due from current enrolled students and their siblings. A tenured lottery will be held if necessary.
Former LANK Families
Wednesday, February 14th - Applications due from former LANK families. A tenured lottery will be held if necessary.
New Families
Friday, February 16th - Applications due from new  families; lottery drawing for remaining spaces and waiting lists.
  • Children and grandchildren of LANK staff have first priority.

  • Any child repeating a program is guaranteed enrollment. 

Tenured Lottery System for Overflow Registration
The LANK Board of Trustees has approved the following tenured lottery system for any program at LANK that becomes over-enrolled.

1. Applicants will be grouped by tenure, using the following criteria:

●  Families of Board members will have priority one 

●  Families with three or more years at LANK will have priority two 

●  Families with two or more years at LANK will have priority three 

●  Families with one year at LANK will have priority four

●  For their service to the school, all Committee Chairs are afforded one additional year of tenure

2. The lottery will begin by putting the names of all priority one applicants into a box with the Directors selecting the names one-by-one. Once all priority one applicants have been pulled, the lottery will then continue by putting priority two applicants into the box and pulling their names, and so on using the same procedure for all priority three and four applicants. The children will either be enrolled in the program or put on the waiting list based on the selection order in this four-step lottery

3. In the case of twins, triplets, etc., the family name will be entered. If the family name is drawn, all siblings will receive the next slots

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