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The Power of a Handwritten Note

​ ​Our children are growing up in a technological age filled with tweets, texts, Snapchats, emails, and yes, blogs! Although this quick speak has advantages, they are no substitute for a handwritten note. Who doesn’t remember the excitement of having a pen-pal or running to the mailbox to retrieve a letter from a friend that moved away? ​​By now each of you has received a postcard welcoming your family to LANK and wishing your precious child(ren) a year of happiness. While email and blogs are the perfect way to reach the masses, at LANK we want your children to know the joy of a letter addressed to them. We want them to see someone’s handwriting, and realize it was meant just for them. Mos

5 Fun Nature Ideas to Get Your Preschooler Through The Summer

We are very excited for the school year to begin, but realize the dog days of summer are upon us! Many of you are probably pool-weary, and looking for some fresh ideas of how to entertain, and enrich your little ones over the next few weeks. At LANK we can hardly contain our enthusiasm for our upcoming yearlong learning focus; LANK Learns Nature-ally. We intend to embrace our beautiful grounds and include the great outdoors in many of our classroom activities. At home, you can enjoy the natural world with your child and at the same time incorporate some fun into these last few weeks of summer. Try one of these five nature ideas before returning to school: Take a Nature Walk Take a nat

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