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Introducing EXPLOREandMORE Extended Day Programs at LANK!

“You can have your cake and eat it too!” LANK is about to launch a program that will provide the “best of both worlds!” These idioms are more than mere words, when applied to our newest program options at LANK. Both fit our new EXPLOREandMORE extended day program to a tee. In the past months I have done a good deal of research about longer days in Pre-K to find out just what benefit longer hours would provide our students. To summarize, I discovered that a preschool program longer in duration is certainly beneficial when it is developmentally appropriate and provides quality opportunities for guided, self-directed discovery! As the name implies, our program will do just that! Both mornin

Five Ways to Celebrate Children’s Book Week!

This week marks the nationally recognized Children’s Book Week. Children’s Book weeks runs from April 30-May 6th, but the wisdom and joyfulness it imparts about the significance of reading stays with me all year. Established in 1919, Children’s Book Week is the oldest literacy program in the country. It seems especially timely to celebrate Children’s Book Week after the recent death of first lady Barbara Bush. Mrs. Bush was a leading literacy advocate who over the course of her lifetime raised millions of dollars to support family literacy. The word “family” was fundamental to her work, and should remain paramount when talking about ways to celebrate this important week. George H. W. Bus

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