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Introducing EXPLOREandMORE Extended Day Programs at LANK!

“You can have your cake and eat it too!” LANK is about to launch a program that will provide the “best of both worlds!” These idioms are more than mere words, when applied to our newest program options at LANK. Both fit our new EXPLOREandMORE extended day program to a tee. In the past months I have done a good deal of research about longer days in Pre-K to find out just what benefit longer hours would provide our students. To summarize, I discovered that a preschool program longer in duration is certainly beneficial when it is developmentally appropriate and provides quality opportunities for guided, self-directed discovery!

As the name implies, our program will do just that! Both morning and afternoon children will enjoy the social experience of eating lunch with friends and then continuing the rest of the day with stories, songs, activities and materials that allow for open ended exploration. EXPLOREandMORE will further encourage the social, cognitive, and language based learning that is bound to occur in an environment that has a “please touch”, hands- on focus. Each month, children may explore different themes. As an example, children may investigate rainbows or light/color. During this exploration there might be play dough offered in the colors of the rainbow spectrum. Children may go on the playground to blow bubbles, or use flashlights and water to investigate just how rainbows are formed. Perhaps a dance with rainbow colored scarves will be your child’s favorite activity! The topics and options will no doubt be appealing to children but parents as well because of the flexibility of offerings available to our community.

EXPLOREandMORE will be available one, two, three, four, or five days a week as an add-on to the regular tuition. For those that may need the longer day on occasion, we will also be offering a drop–in. We are not only excited about this introduction, but also proud. The pride comes from knowing that we can furnish our community with the security of familiar LANK traditions and history while adapting to current needs in a developmentally appropriate, fun, and beneficial way.

Please call our office for more information for the 2018-19 school year. Spaces are limited! Register today by calling us at (703) 437-0035.


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