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Our New Year’s Wish Came True!

Our New Year’s wish came true! January is a month for reflection, resolution, goal setting and new beginnings. At LANK, January is truly a special time as we showcase our school and programs for registration in February. As school directors, we know that once families visit our school, many of LANK’S unique qualities and warmth will shine through. But, what is the best way to attract new families and invite them to spend some time with us? I must admit that idioms speak to me. “A picture is worth a thousand words” or “seeing is believing” both ring true to me, and make good sense in terms of what goes on in a typical day at LANK. For quite some time, I have been thinking about a short

Three Rituals for A Memorable Holiday Season

When I was a young mother with children ages five, three and one, I remember distinctly putting pressure on myself to create the perfect holiday celebration in every way. At the time, our family celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas, and I spent the majority of the month baking pretty cookies, amassing large gift piles for each child, and frantically making sure all of our relatives/friends were also remembered. While the holiday season was no doubt festive, it was also expensive, overblown, and tiring. (And at times, yours truly was just a bit cranky and resentful!) As time passed, I became more focused on family traditions and rituals that could ground my family and create lasting impr

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