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3 Types of Games To Support Self-Regulation

You may have heard about the Stanford marshmallow test; the one where young children are presented with the option of eating a big, fluffy delicious marshmallow right now, or if they delay gratification and wait, they will be rewarded with two fluffy marshmallows! Well, I am uncertain that I would not have opted to eat that delicious marshmallow immediately, but studies reveal that the group able to delay gratification performed better in school. Why? Self-regulation is essential for learning. Self-regulation simply put is the ability to regulate emotions, behavior and thinking. Young children are not particularly adept at this regulation, but there are some simple steps teachers and parents

Anything in Your Backpack Today?

As our first month of school unfolds, it's great to see LANK children walking independently down the hill to enter the building. We know they are experiencing the good feeling that comes from knowing this is my school; I belong here! As parents, it is perfectly normal to be curious about what is happening during those hours your little one is away from home. At LANK, many of our activities are hands-on, sensory explorations so they might not be immediately visible to you. For example, the first few weeks of school included nature and bear hunts, show and tell, a friendship train, cookie jar game, sidewalk chalk art, sand and play dough creations, dramatic play, singing, magnet and block cons

Introducing Bears & Cubs...A New Program for 18-24 Month Old Students

​ ​​Most of us are familiar with the proverbial “mama bear” image and the quotes that often accompany that vision. Bears are interesting animals; highly intelligent and curious. Like other intelligent animals, many of their behaviors are learned as opposed to instinctual. When a mama bear has cubs she keeps them close for the first 17 months of life while undertaking the tasks of grooming, nursing, playing, defending, and sleeping together. At the same time, mama bear is really preparing the cubs to leave her and strike out on their own. Here at LANK we are excited to prepare each of our little cubs too! We want to model, nurture, and scaffold preschool expectations to make your child’s jo

The ABCs of Starting School

For me, summer always signified long days of relaxation, without the hurry and hustle bustle that a school year might bring. So as our little ones begin preschool, I am mindful of trying to maintain a little bit of that summer feeling; by approaching this new and exciting time with careful consideration. At LANK we want our children to feel unhurried, and relaxed when they enter our welcoming doors. As parents, you can help us make this transition one that is calm and happy by following a few simple tips. I call these the ABC’s of starting school! A: Is for Arrival. Arrive on time. It is unsettling to a child to be late for school. This is important for all children, but especially sig

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