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LANK is Voted Northern Virginia's Favorite Preschool

Last week an email crept into our inbox letting us know that LANK was voted best/ favorite preschool in Northern Virginia Magazine’s 2019 online reader poll. Here is the actual email:

"It is with sincere pleasure, on behalf of everyone at Northern Virginia Magazine, that I congratulate you on being named one of the Best Day Cares & Preschools in Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best Day Cares & Preschools 2019 reader poll. The results of the poll will appear in our August issue, which has a special Kids and Families theme."

Of course, we were delighted, but it affirmed what we already knew to be true.

This is our second year winning this honor, and thus, I started to reflect on exactly why our community was motivated to vote, and how we know without doubt that LANK is the very best place for young preschoolers to learn. There are some obvious reasons why our school continues to be a Reston icon; our beautiful heavily wooded playground, our history and commitment to the community, our large sunlit classroom spaces, and the dedicated staff. But there are some other subtle reasons why we have always been Reston’s most treasured preschool.

As I started to post photos and comments on social media this week, I couldn’t decide which event, class activity, or school endeavor to promote. There were just too many undertakings; all significant! For example, on Sunday LANK hosted a beautiful, well attended playground party with music, Kona ices, and a huge amount of community spirit. Perhaps, I should post photos of our new butterfly garden that teachers lovingly planted to kick off LANK’S future garden box project. Should I concentrate my efforts on video of the musical group Rocknocerous that played tunes for the whole school? We also finished two days of field days that had children participating in old fashioned sack races, dinosaur hunts, and bowling games. All of these special moments are typical at our beloved school. There is always meaningful participation for our children, always an essence of community good will, and certainly always an effort to grow, expand, and create.

Lake Anne Nursery Kindergarten is the 2019 winner of best preschools in Northern Virginia in the opinion of the people we care most about, and whose opinion will continue to guide us in the important job of nurturing little children.

Joan & Patty

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