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The Perfect Conference

It is almost that time of year again when parents arrive at school for that very first sit-down with their child’s teacher. For some it is a little nerve racking as they try to imagine what the teacher might say about how 'Joey' shares toys, receives circle time, or obliges his teacher when it is time to clean up. For the teacher, it can be a bit overwhelming as she tries to convey the myriad of activities, conversations, social /play negotiations, and learning that transpire in a typical LANK day. Many years ago I ran a home based preschool in my basement. At the beginning of the school year I usually handed parents a “what to expect from me” sheet of paper. Some of the items on the exp

4 Ways To Prepare Your Preschooler for Halloween

October is a glorious time of year. After all, the weather is beautiful and every corner seems to feature a colorful display of mums and pumpkins. It is also time to celebrate the perennial holiday favorite; Halloween! Halloween decorations, parties, and candy have long been a staple, but now retailers are selling merchandise in the last few weeks of summer, and certainly by early September. Most stores have a “scary” section with household decorations that are more gruesome and ghoulish than ever before. At one time, the holiday was geared to very young children, but now adults have joined in the fun by outfitting their homes and enjoying the festivities. For very young children this c

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