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Less Is More!

Almost every parent has experienced “that” moment during the holiday season. That moment is the one in which you realize that all the shopping, wrapping and anticipation of the big gift reveal, is somehow over by mid-day, and your child may utter the words ”I’m bored”, or “is that all?’” We’ve all been there and while it can be disheartening, it is not uncommon. There is a way back from this holiday overdrive; less is more!

There is a reason that wooden blocks, play doh, and jacks have withstood the test of time. They are not fancy, do not require assembly or rely on technology. Yet, they have been around for generations! The reason they are so popular is that children create with those toys, or in the case of jacks test their ability as the game becomes more challenging with each round of play. When choosing toys, the” less is more” mantra is fitting, but is definitely true in the larger context of holiday happiness. Most children will remember family traditions, and not gifts. They will recall the feeling of togetherness that includes holiday meals, games, grandpa’s lap, favorite stories, baking, or walks.

Life at LANK over the last few months has been different due to the Covid pandemic. We were unable to host our annual Halloween party, or have special concerts, performances, or visitors. While we love these events, we have also realized that our preschool children are having a wonderful year, and are very content! The reason is so simple—it is the quality of the relationships they are forming, classroom traditions, and the attention they are receiving from their teachers. From an outsider looking in, it might appear that there is “less”, but we know that we have given each child so much “more”.

We wish all our families an abundantly rich holiday season with gifts that are truly meaningful and will withstand the test of time. Happy holidays!


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