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Superhero or Hero?

​​Halloween is just around the corner; hurrah! There may not be a holiday quite as much fun for children since it involves dressing up as someone else and receiving candy—just by asking! Because our LANK Halloween party was so lovely, it may feel like we have already celebrated with our children. Thanks again to Kate Sable and her wonderful volunteers for making the day so special for everyone. As our little ones wandered in to the party wearing their favorite costumes, I began thinking about how darn cute they were, but also about their day to day attire which includes lots of variations of Batman, Spiderman, and Ninja Turtle wear. Many of our little ones don’t have to wait until Halloween

4 Tips for Mastering the Art of Conversation with Your Preschooler

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post to let parents know that a full and active preschool day could not be measured by the amount of “stuff” in a school bag. Sometimes our busiest days at LANK may not result in a take home project. So, how then can a parent start a conversation about what took place during the all-important school day? The art of conversation with our preschoolers involves more than asking questions; it also requires patience, and side by side activity. Most of you have probably greeted your child with a hug, and then asked how was your day? It is instinctive to ask, and then that all too familiar answer comes… “I don’t know.” Or maybe your preschooler answers, “Good.” Both

LANK New To You Sale Coming Soon!

​​It's that time of year again! LANK will be accepting donations for our annual New to You kids sale. Monday, October 17th – Thursday, November 10th. What's needed: Toys, books, games, bikes, kitchen sets, outdoor toys, sports gear High chairs, strollers, swings, exersaucers, bouncers Changing tables, dressers, beds, kids tables & chairs, rugs Children’s Clothing: All clean and stain free clothing (newborn to size 10) including shoes, pajamas, outerwear and costumes **Please note, car seats and cribs cannot be accepted*** All donations can be left during school hours at the top of LANK’s hill or at the drop-off station in the Tall Oaks Pool parking lot. Tax receipts will be available in the

5 Ideas for Your Own Adventure This Columbus Day!

Columbus Day is always of great interest to children. Not only do many parents and children have the day off, but because it falls so early in the school year it is often one of the first introductions to famous figures in history. The story of Christopher Columbus is one that includes hardship, persistence, and a sense of adventure. The voyage of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria is of course a mixed legacy, for although Columbus is credited with opening up the Americas to European colonization, he is also credited with both enslavement of Native Americans and spreading diseases to the new world. However, when teaching the story of Columbus to very young children, our focus is often cente

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