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3 Reasons Why LANK is an Outstanding Preschool and One of Reston’s Treasures

This month and next are busy ones at LANK because we host several open houses and begin our registration process for the following school year. Having lots of visitors to our school is a bit like having company over for dinner. When I host a dinner party I try to make my guests as comfortable as possible, provide a meal I think everyone will like, and engage in conversation that is meaningful, yet upbeat. After all, I want my guests to return! Much is the same here at school.

These are some of the things we want our special guests and our current families to know about us. They make our school premier. They make your child’s experience superior, and they are the reasons LANK is considered outstanding in the early childhood arena and one of Reston’s treasures.

1.We love your child. I say this all the time, and it absolutely true! We care when your child has a nosebleed, an upset stomach, or falls on the playground. We also delight in their birthdays and celebrate when a new sibling arrives. We are excited when they master the monkey bars, or walk down the hill by themselves! We love conversing with them. We share their excitement about a playdate or listen with interest when they are worried. We will hold their hand, smile and laugh freely, give high fives, and hug to express our warmth.

2. Nature is close to nurture. Our playground trees have names as do the chicks we care for in the spring. Why? Children who feel a connection to nature will become adults that care about the natural world. We want our LANK children to play in the dirt, sand, and water. We hope they will collect pinecones, acorns, leaves and rocks. We encourage them to observe birds and squirrels outside their classroom, with the end goal being the development of empathy for living creatures. Our beautiful sunlit spaces and large windows help us in this endeavor.

3. Play-Based Curriculum. LANK remains true to its core, and embraces play! We fully recognize the importance of giving children the opportunity for dramatic play, game play, constructive play, gross motor play, and imaginative play. This past week I observed one class on a bear hunt; a blue bedsheet became water, while green paper was the tall grass. Another class was very busy re-telling Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear by having children explore a puppet theater and story stones! A third group was celebrating their study of bears and hibernation by having a teddy bear picnic. Every day provides glee and joyfulness as children learn appropriately through play and hands-on activities.

Our school has many attributes, but for our “company” and current families we hope this short snapshot reinforces just why LANK is considered Reston’s leading preschool.


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