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Spring is Here!

The bees aren't the only ones buzzing this spring. As this is written, the Kindergarten class is reading, writing, and you want to know what time it is -just ask them! The 5-day is visiting Japan and other exotic venues with a dash of cherry blossoms thrown in, and the 3 day and JP'ers are Welcoming Spring! Active, involved learning is everywhere and you are probably noticing how social everyone is becoming as well. The flowers aren't the only bloomers.

Keep Saturday, April 30th open! The just-for-grown-ups, LANK Celebration Social! promises delicious wine, tasty desserts, and charming company. Raffles, beautiful children's art, and other surprises guarantee a great evening.

The multi-cultural committee has another delightful day in store for our children on April 13. Completely new and different, the children, and you too, are going to love it!! Finally, a fabulous wrapping up a great year event will happen on a May Sunday! Date to be announced - Happy Spring!

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