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A Very Special Year!

We are privileged to serve as LANK's directors and are always proud of our school, but bear with us if we are especially excited about this very special year. It is amazing to realize that LANK is now 50 years old and humbling to reflect on the number of wonderful families, children, and staff who have been a part of this distinguished little school. We truly believe that no one ever leaves LANK - and that it remains part of your heart forever. We share a unique and tender moment in these children's lives and it is such a lovely time of warmth and wonder.

The next few weeks will be busy ones for us. Our focus is to assure that your children are comfortable, secure and happy in their new surroundings. that may not happen all at once and there can be some tears along the way. As partners in this process, please feel free to call at any time - we will assist in any way we can. We deeply value the trust that you have shown in us.

The theme this year is "LANK Celebrates," and celebrate we will. Proud as we are of LANK's first 50, we are over-joyed about what is ahead in the years to come. A very warm welcome to LANK.


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