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Saying Goodbye

This lovely time of year is bittersweet for us because we must say good-bye to those of you who will not return to LANK in the fall. Sharing this tender pocket in time when your children are very young, we are privileged to witness such amazing growth. We were there when they took their first tentative steps down the LANK hill and away from you. Soon we will watch as they very confidently take the same path away from us. LANK will forever be their first school and we are proud of that place in your hearts and theirs. Letting go is part of being a parent and each celebrate milestone brings a good-bye as well. Please know that we will miss them and you too. We are part of the fabric of each other's lives and share some delighthful memories.

This became ever more apparent to us as we talked to so many alumni at the LANK birthday party gala. It was such a wonderful evening for our community as we reminisced with some dear friends. Story after story about wonderful children who have gone on to do amazing things- a lot of laughter, a sprinkling of tears and on we go to the second fifty fabulous years of LANK!

As you go forward with your beautiful children enjoy it all - every moment of it! Celebrate proudly their growth and change. And know that we will celebrate it too as they are a part of LANK's legacy forever.


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