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Then and Now

One of the lovely outcomes of our alumni outreach for the 50th celebration is touching base with not only former families, but former staff. Betty Ann Rubin was the kindergarten teacher during the 70's and 80's and shared with us her memories of LANK. Children rode their trikes to school, had woodworking class with real saws and hammers(!), and took numerous offsite field trips to great locales. Our kids went through a brand new 747 at Dulles Airport and ate Black Forest cake with the White House chef. Security regulations were obviously much more relaxed! The school had class pets- lots of them - bunnies and guinea pigs who went home each week-end with a different child. What really struck us was that then, just as now, LANK was all about experiential, hands-on learning. From the very beginning our school has been child-centered and open to many different philosophies and learning styles. LANK has always been a welcoming, warm space for children and their families. And it always will be - we are so please that you are with us in this very exciting era for LANK.


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