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Thank you for the compliment!

We recently had the nicest compliment and we wanted to pass it along to you. One of the women who had joined us for a tour commented that LANK was the warmest school that she had visited. School, all schools, should be warm, welcoming, reliably "there," for children and parents. School is a place to learn, to grow, to have friends and be a friend, to succeed and to falter.

We sometimes overlook how important that can be. Part of life is learning to deal with adversity; things do not always go as planned. LANK is a good place to allow that to happen. Skillful teachers can facilitate difficult moments and develop attitudes that result in resilience and flexibility. Our world is a busy one. It is important for children to listen and to be heard, to build self-esteem as well as respect others, to take chances as well as be comfortable with rules. We want LANK to be that place for your child to grow. We are proud to be with you on this first educational journey and we thank you for the lovely compliment.


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