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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Last year, LANK introduced a new Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO is managed by parent volunteers and a staff member representative, working with and under the direction of LANK’s directors. The PTO leadership team will be responsible for organizing school events, community engagements, and managing fundraising.

The PTO will meet approximately every other month while school is in session. Meetings may be open to parents and teachers, with the potential for closed meetings as necessary. During open meetings, the PTO will provide updates to parents regarding school wide initiatives, as well as PTO sponsored events. The meetings will also provide an opportunity to invite guest speakers to address subjects relevant to parents of young children.

Each spring, the current PTO members will hold an election to fill the upcoming vacancies for the following year's members. Once PTO positions are filled, the organization will work together with the Directors to determine specific social, community, and fundraising engagements for the upcoming school year. The PTO will be responsible for recruiting and appointing Committee Chairs to handle the logistics of events and activities under the supervision of the PTO. Committee Chairs will serve one year.

2023-2024 PTO Officers:

PTO President: Chelsea Landman, 

PTO Vice President: Lizzie Ilter,

PTO Secretary: Michelle Lett

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