The Board of Trustees

The 8-member LANK Board of Trustees is comprised of 6 parent volunteers and the Executive and Administrative Directors. The Board oversees the business of the school, focusing on fiduciary duties, such as oversight of finances, policies, and business practices to ensure consistency with non-profit educational purpose.

Kate Sable

President -

President/President-Elect (Three year term)

The President/President-Elect of the Board of Trustees will serve a three-year term—the first year being a transition year as President-Elect under the guidance of the President, then a two-year term as the President of the Board. During the transition year, the President-Elect will be responsible for learning how to perform the duties of the President and, additionally, will oversee special projects as requested by the President and Directors. As President, the elected individual will be in charge of the following duties, plus any Board issues that arise throughout the year:

  • Chairing the Board of Trustees and its monthly meetings;

  • Supervising the school's business in accordance with policies and directives approved by the Board;

  • With the Board, setting the strategic direction of the school;

  • Creating and maintaining the Five-Year Plan;

  • Writing the annual report;

  • Serving on the Executive, Compensation, Finance, and Fundraising Committees.

  • Managing and supporting each Board function;

  • Working with Directors on sensitive school matters;

  • Representing the Board at orientations, open houses, and back to school night events;

  • Working with the Facilities Manager on building/grounds related matters;

  • Working with the Board to recruit new Board and Committee members


Morgan Bate

Vice President -

The Vice-President’s responsibilities include:

  • Compliance officer

  • Chairing the Class Parents Committee (including compiling a list of class parents, holding class parent orientations, serving as a liaison between LANK and class parents, communicating with class parents regarding volunteer needs/opportunities, coordinating with class parents on teacher recognition);

  • Coordinating volunteer effort for classroom needs and Board events (including compiling a list of volunteer interest expressed on Parent Interest Forms, assisting committee chairs with sourcing volunteers, attending new parent orientation to rally volunteer interest);

  • Performing duties of the President in the event the President is absent from meetings or events

To Be Confirmed

Treasurer -

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Reporting (monthly) and advising the Board on finances of the school;

  • Preparing annual financial report;

  • Facilitating annual budget process;

  • Facilitating 5-year budget process;

  • Coordinating with external auditors;

  • Coordinating with financial planners;

  • Performing annual review of investment policy;

  • Ensuring adequate operating and capital reserves;

  • Assisting individual Board members with management of budget categories.

  • Serving on Finance, Compensation, and Fundraising Committees

Catherine Boyd

Secretary -

The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Authenticating records;

  • Giving required notices;

  • Maintaining custody of corporate seal and affixing it to documents when required;

  • Taking and distributing minutes from Board meetings;

  • Maintaining LANK communications e-mail distribution list;

  • Assembling and distributing school directory;

  • Coordinating the publication and distribution of the Board newsletter;

  • Distributing LANK internal e-mail communications;

  • Maintaining alumni e-mail distribution list

George Ingham

Advisory Member - Legal -

The Board's Legal Advisor is responsible for: 

  • Reviewing school policies and procedures;

  • Advising the Board and directors regarding any legal concerns, such as contracts with outside vendors

To Be Confirmed

Marketing Chair -

The Marketing Chairperson must be able to promote LANK and its achievements.  Further, the Marketing Chairperson must reach out to potential applicants to communicate the benefits of being part of the LANK community.  Specifically, the Marketing Chairperson is responsible for:

  • Advising the Board and Directors on the strategic marketing and branding of LANK;

  • Advertising for fundraising, enrollment, and other activities;

  • Planning, researching, and developing any collateral materials;

  • Updating LANK website and social media sites with current event information;

  • Contributing to the content and aesthetics of a new website;

  • Pursing PR opportunities with local media when news warrants;

  • Managing marketing budget

Joan Wain

Executive Director


Patty Marsh

Administrative Director


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