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Our Philosophy

Our vision includes a deep commitment to providing young children with playful experiences that encourage growth of the whole child.  We value each child for their individual capabilities and embrace multiple ways of thinking.  Simply stated, the children in our school are loved!  Our teaching staff views learning as an unhurried journey, and recognizes the importance of nurturing the innate curiosity of our students. This is accomplished by facilitating opportunities for children to explore, make choices, and solve problems. Our goals are further met by establishing a strong partnership with families as they enhance all aspects of our program.

The many benefits of a LANK education include:


  • Challenging children to become critical thinkers

  • Practice in discovery, observation, comparison and problem solving

  • Developing language, and literacy skills

  • Encouraging fine and gross motor skills

  • Learning number skills; counting, sorting, patterning, measuring

  • Encouraging sharing, taking turns, and cooperation


  • Promoting self-confidence, independence, initiative, and resourcefulness

  • Learning to listen and being sensitive to the needs of others


  • Encouraging flexible thinking, creativity, and experimentation

  • Promoting good citizenship; taking responsibility for one’s actions

  • Respecting differences in cultural, ethnic, and family backgrounds 

  • Recognizing the importance of a school to home connection

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