LANK's Blog: The Bear Necessities

September 19, 2017

One of my favorite LANK traditions is choosing a yearlong theme that helps guide curriculum and connects learning throughout the school.  Not only does this theme provide cohesiveness between programs, but it also creates enthusiasm and excitement for our staff as they...

July 29, 2017

We are almost at that point in the summer when the neighborhood pool has lost some of its charm, and going on vacation has already occurred; so now what?  My last blog listed some local happenings and excursions that might interest young families.  I hope you enjoyed t...

July 5, 2017

LANK has been out of school for almost three weeks and now is just about the time when parents and children start to grow weary of sleeping in, and trying to figure out a plan for the day.  Fortunately, we live in a great area with entertainment for all ages.

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