LANK's Blog: The Bear Necessities

May 16, 2017

Ask an adult about a special memory from childhood and frequently the response includes a recollection about the great outdoors.  For our administrative director Patty Marsh, it includes crossing over logs and streams in her beloved home state of New Jersey.  For me, i...

March 14, 2017

Many of you have probably been told by your children that LANK is enjoying housing and observing two little adorable fluffy chicks.  We ordered the chicks and eggs from a farm in Maryland to help support our flagship unit on Oviparous animals beginning on March 20th....

December 8, 2016

Flagship units are learning themes that the whole school engages in over the course of a week or two. There is nothing better than walking through our school, and finding everyone engaged in learning about the same topic—yet benefitting from the individuality of the cl...

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