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Teacher Appreciation Week 2016

There is no one who doesn’t remember their favorite teacher. Someone who cared about you, someone who inspired you, someone who made you feel special and good and strong. And these are usually pretty vivid memories. Think back……you can probably tell stories about why that particular person meant so much to you, and list very specific reasons why how they treated you made such an indelible impression. We’re pretty sure at LANK that our children are too small to remember us clearly and we know we probably won’t be the “one teacher” for the memory books. But, we also know that for you, we can be those teachers. The ones that you trust with your baby, your tiny tots who have never been awa

Director's Desk - May 2016

I knew it was coming—I really did! That doesn’t make it any easier as I write my very last newsletter as​​ your director. Over the years, Patty and I have made a concerted effort to not personalize these monthly messages and to keep them informative and timely. This month—that policy is not in effect, as I share with you some of my thoughts about LANK, its children, teachers, and parents. You have heard me say how much I love what I am privileged to do and that is absolutely true. It is an amazing job, full of joy, surrounded by energy, and up-lifted by laughter. Together we have shared some exciting times in the last twelve years. There have been 3 major renovations, a derecho, at least

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